The Pony Express Museum!

Our last and final trip was at the Pony Express. When you walk it the place looks really western and old fashioned. There were lots of informational stories in the¬†museum. It makes me feel like I should go back in time. We also watch the stories and that was pretty cool. However the thing I […]

field trip

The field trip was great! I get to see what does University look like. It was very touching and very interested. I have learned a lot of thing from the field trip. They have a big and huge building. the building looks beautiful. they have a lot of room. they have study rooms, bedrooms, gym, […]

UMKC Robots?!

My Experience at the UMKC was good. We all got to see robots and what is the starting to build one. We also had challenges that was pretty fun. In addition to that my first challenge was to build a robot that weight a lot so it can be able to push the other one […]

KDOT field trip

The KDOT field trip was full of education. the building was tall and big. It was a great field trip and they ¬†taught us about how dangerous the train was. I enjoy to go there and I have learn that people die every three hour because of train. They touch us to be careful while […]


UMKC was another field trip that we went on. This field trip was my favorite. I liked all the field trips, but this one was my most favorite one. They let us play with their robots. It was cool. There were different students from different high schools. They had been competing with other high schools. […]


KDOT was the field trip we went on. It was really great seeing how they actually design before they make a bridge. They have to follow the directions to be able to make the bridge right. There is a person who designs the bridge before they actually make the bridge. Also they were talking safety […]

Pony Express Museum, St.Joseph field trip

The field trip was great. I have see lot of thing about the St.Joseph, and the american history. a lot of fake horse and fake house in there. the field trip was interested. I’m glad to have a chance to go to field trip. It was full and we can touch some of the fake […]

Pony Express Museum

image courtesy of rumsey

On this field trip we were introduced to the past of the sending mail. We watched a short movie about the history. When the movie was finish they took us to show around. The lady shows us the different types of wagon and how people travel in horse to give the mail. Back then horse […]



On the day of the field trip we rode a train to Warrensburg. It was a long ride; it took an hour to get there. This was my first time riding on a train, I was so excited. Once we reached the college they divided us into small groups. The college was pretty big. I […]