TWA Museum Field Trip


My experience in the airport was great and i got to learn many different things i never knew before. I learned that John Travolta is a part of the airport and has his own dance floor! He dances with people in order to save money for the airport! I learned how airplanes changed and became […]

Where I See Myself In 20 Years


In twenty years I picture myself with a great career and have a job I love! Have a career that motivates me to want to be higher than what I am already. I`d have a loving home with about 2 kids, and married. Hopefully before having my 2 kids I’m mentally and financially prepared for […]

Harley Davidson

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My experience of this field trip was great, and was amazing that I got to be part of it. Our tour guide was very helpful and nice. From this experienced I learned that in the Harley Davidson industry you can enter without a college degree, but some parts of the Harley Davidson jobs a college […]

Person Who Inspires Me


The person who inspires me the most is my mom. My mom is my biggest inspiration, not only because she’s my mom but also because she’s a hard working human being. When I’m sick she is there to help me, to make me feel better. She lets me rest; she lets me sleep and feeds […]

On Board With TTMaSA

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My name is Stephanie the following are some facts about me and what i love to do. Also the reasons why i am in this lovely program. Finally its also about what i plan on getting from this experience.