The Pony Express Museum!

Our last and final trip was at the Pony Express. When you walk it the place looks really western and old fashioned. There were lots of informational stories in the┬ámuseum. It makes me feel like I should go back in time. We also watch the stories and that was pretty cool. However the thing I […]

UMKC Robots?!

My Experience at the UMKC was good. We all got to see robots and what is the starting to build one. We also had challenges that was pretty fun. In addition to that my first challenge was to build a robot that weight a lot so it can be able to push the other one […]

Trip to the museum of Planes…

The trip I went to was at the Downtown Airport. The trip had lots of facts i didn’t even know. I’m glad that I had a chance to go. There were lots of facts about when people used it, who invented them and their severe damage some planes had. I really liked being closer to […]

Where do I see myself in the future?!

What I want to be when I grow up or see myself in a short/long term? ”This question has been on every little, child’s mind as a fantasy or imagination.” Well my answer is that I hope that I will still be continuing my studies in school. I would like to major in psychology in […]

Harley Davidson and My Inspiration!!

Harley Davidson Experience: My experience at the Harley Davidson trip was really great. I had amazing time. There were really positive people there. The motors looked very nice. They had good facts about how motors work. The motors can be the exact same but the might be a slight different designs. In addition to that […]