Pony Express Museum

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On this field trip we were introduced to the past of the sending mail. We watched a short movie about the history. When the movie was finish they took us to show around. The lady shows us the different types of wagon and how people travel in horse to give the mail. Back then horse […]



On the day of the field trip we rode a train to Warrensburg. It was a long ride; it took an hour to get there. This was my first time riding on a train, I was so excited. Once we reached the college they divided us into small groups. The college was pretty big. I […]

Field trip to down town airport

Our field trip was at the down town airport. It was a fun and exciting trip. We learned about old and new planes. We also learned about who invented airplanes. My favorite parts were going inside the airplane and looking at the different types of planes. My least favorite thing was that it was small. […]


20 year from now, I would see myself graduated from high school and college. I would be working in medical field, which my dream is to become a pediatric nurse. I may have a sweet little family and a wonderful husband that supports me. I would see myself going to a less fortunate place in […]

Harley Davidson

Our flied trip  was to Harley Davidson plant. In Harley Davidson they make their unique motorcycle. People from all around the world come to Harley Davidson to make their unique motorcycle. The people they seen very nice and focus in their work. Something I learn was that everyone has their own part. The lady took […]

who inspired me

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My parents and Mahatma Gandhi quotes inspire me the most. My parent is uneducated because they didn’t get the education when they were little. My dad always tell me that education is key to better education without it you can’t do anything. They inspire me to study more and create better future. The quote that […]