field trip

The field trip was great! I get to see what does University look like. It was very touching and very interested. I have learned a lot of thing from the field trip. They have a big and huge building. the building looks beautiful. they have a lot of room. they have study rooms, bedrooms, gym, […]

KDOT field trip

The KDOT field trip was full of education. the building was tall and big. It was a great field trip and they  taught us about how dangerous the train was. I enjoy to go there and I have learn that people die every three hour because of train. They touch us to be careful while […]

Pony Express Museum, St.Joseph field trip

The field trip was great. I have see lot of thing about the St.Joseph, and the american history. a lot of fake horse and fake house in there. the field trip was interested. I’m glad to have a chance to go to field trip. It was full and we can touch some of the fake […]

TWA Museum


  The last two week field trip was great! The field trip that I went to last two week was Downtown Airport/TWA Museum. I see the airplane , the 1944-1955 Cut Out Uniform,  1938-1944 TWA “Pretty Girl” Uniform and lot of stuff that been used in airplane. I had learned the history of airplane and […]

Twenty Year From Now

  Twenty years from now, it will be 2035 and I will be 37 year old. In next twenty year, I see myself as I already graduate high school and college. I see myself as I already reach my goal. At that time, I help handicapped people and sick people to feel better and get […]


Inspiration My mom is a person who inspires me to work hard and love the neighbored around us. My mom is a beautiful/ wonderful person to me. She is always there for me when I needed her, and she is the only person I can count on. She means a lot to me. I learn […]

Field trip

Field trip I went to field trip last two week. The field trip that I went last two weeks was about, motorcycle. I saw some great motorcycle and learn the history of motorcycle. I also learn that to become a motorcycle creator, you have to know all the part about motorcycle, and you have to […]