Airline Museum field trip

TTMaSA went to the airline museum this summer, we learned so much! i personally liked the uniforms back in the day. TTMaSA we’re able to see the first plane that the wright brothers invented. It was pretty small but it looked good. Jon Travolta was there a few years back, they even had a dance […]

Future in twenty years…

What do I see myself doing in 20 years? I was always interested in being a lawyer. Criminal Justice always had my attention but, as I got older I always thought I would do great in medicine and health. It could be a struggle but, it’ll be worth it. I want to be able to […]

Harley Davidson Experience

My experience with this trip was unexplainable. I liked it but, honestly I was lost the entire time. I’m not saying anything bad; I’m just saying my experience. What I did learn was that there we’re four Davidson brothers and one other guy. I thought only two guys worked on constructing the motorcycle. So that’s […]

Who inspires me

image courtesy of facebook

    My inspiration is my brother Marcos. He has done everything so I could have a better future, and I never noticed until now. He worked so hard to get what he wanted. He’s the reason why I got out of the bad neighborhood, he saved me but what I did to repay him […]