UMKC was another field trip that we went on. This field trip was my favorite. I liked all the field trips, but this one was my most favorite one. They let us play with their robots. It was cool. There were different students from different high schools. They had been competing with other high schools. […]


KDOT was the field trip we went on. It was really great seeing how they actually design before they make a bridge. They have to follow the directions to be able to make the bridge right. There is a person who designs the bridge before they actually make the bridge. Also they were talking safety […]

20 Years From Now

20 years from now I want to see myself become a pharmacist. I will get bachelor degrees and start making medicine. Helping the sick people and giving them medicine. In the future I will get married and have children. I want to buy my own house with a pool in it and everything I need […]

the downtown airport museum

The field trip that I went was the down town airport museum. It was amazing see an old plane in the museum. It was a great experience for me to learn the history of airplanes and how they start making airplanes. It was cool how they have a different type of planes. The field trip […]



  My parents are who inspire me the most. They told me to go to summer program instead of staying at home. They encourage me to do this program to have an opportunity because when they were my age they didn’t have this kind of opportunities. My dad always told me to go to school […]


The field trip that we went was called HARLEY-DAVIDSON. It was great having this experience to see the different kinds of motorcycles. Also how motorcycles are made in different station. In HARLEY-DAVIDSON they make a motorcycle with different types of logo. They use a technology to make the motorcycle with each part. There are different […]