Blast from the past

image courtesy of geograph
image courtesy of geograph

7 July 1951

Background information about railroad

  • The first train to run in America was in 1830s along the East coast.
  • 80% of the central pacific workforces were Chinese workers.
  • Theodore Judah, a civil engineer who helped built the first railroad.
  • By the 1840s the railways network extended throughout the East, South, and Midwest.
  • By 1900s the country had total mileage of 163,597.
  • Railroad was the primary mode of transportation.
  • One of the most famous streamline passenger trains was the Burlington’s Zephyr 9900 trainset and was built in 1934.
  • The first Chinese was hired in 1865 and were paid $28 per month to do a very dangerous work.

Sources: Railroad lindahall



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