Image Courtesy of  89.7WKSU
Image Courtesy of 89.7WKSU

-Rail Safety Investigator

Occupation description

Safety is of critical importance to rail organizations, and rail safety management investigation has evolved as a specialization within the safety discipline. Rail safety investigators conduct investigations in relation to accidents and incidents involving members of the public, passengers and rail employees. Investigators are employed across Australia by rail operators and regulatory bodies. They are usually people with rail industry experience and who may, or may not, be qualified safety practitioners.

Knowledge, skills and attribute

Rail safety investigators need to be able to conduct investigations, interpret and apply relevant legislation and regulations. They must have a strong regard for safety.

-Railway Signal Electrician

Installs and maintains signaling systems for trains and automobiles. You may be required to have a Cert IV in Rail Signaling, and a signal electrician’s license.

-Rail Investigator

Investigates claims of misconduct or breaches against codes of conduct of rail employees, by other employees or the public. They also investigate WHS (work health and safety) incidents, accidents and statistics. To be a rail investigator, you must have strong administration, research and writing skills. You also have to be able to focus on the issues, be observant and listen carefully. Depending on the area, you may be required to have specialist rail qualifications and experience (e.g. WHS).

-Platform Manager

Oversees country or interstate passenger services on a day to day basis. No formal qualifications are required to be a platform manager, but platform experience and management skills are necessary

-Policy Advisor

Advises rail executives or governments on the effectiveness of current policies relating to passenger or freight rail. This position usually requires a degree relating to the policy area (e.g. safety, engineering) and rail experience. Needs strong research, analysis and writing skills

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