Early American Railroad

Image Courtesy Of wikipedia
Image Courtesy Of wikipedia

Early Discussion

1769- James Watt patents his design for the first steam engine.

1825- George Stephenson engineers the world’s first railway locomotive

1845- The NY entrepreneur Asa Whitney presented a resolution in congress proposing the federal finding of a railroad.

1860- Theodore Judah identified the Donner Pass in northern California as and ideal location for constructing a railroad through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The First Transcontinental Railroad was built in the 1860s

By 1870s, the transcontinental railroad stretched all the way to California, and with it came a new era of railroad.

The rail line was one of the most important goals of President Abraham Lincoln, during the early portion of his term and completed the four years after his death.


New Era

Trains helped the North win the American Civil War. Railroads carried large amounts of soldiers and heavy equipment.

After a couple of years, when people used the railroad for the first time the men were responsible for this type of transportation. It continued until 1862 when the congress passed the act to build the railroad.


Did You Know?

Before building the railroad it nearly cost $1000 dollars to travel around the country. After it was completed, the price dropped to $150 dollars to travel.

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