Pros And Cons

Railing Pros/Cons


-Beats working in a factory or office all day, each trip is different even if you’re going over the same miles of rails time and time again.
-The money isn`t so bad for just needing a high school diploma/GED as the minimum education requirement.
-You get to travel a lot depending on the road you work for.
-working for a short line you may only see the same stretch of tracks each night, unless there are multiple jobs out of your home terminal.
– The sunset and sunrise are very beautiful and you can see a lot of “ scenery “ during the summer if you catch my drift.
-Good to great pay (depending on what type of job one may be marked up—on a long overdue pay raise just went in effect)

-Working in all kinds of weather at all times of the year. -Missing out of a lot of family and personal functions due to having to work.

– Schedule sucks
– Crew callers get in the way of resting on days off.

Sources: Cs.trains

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