The Transportation cost

The transportation cost to get around in different counties:

Taking a train is cheaper and the ticket price depends on your travel

image courtesy of wikimediacommons
image courtesy of wikimediacommons

distance here even in different countries outside the United States. According to this website Rick Steves talks about the ticket price “Fares are shown for the fastest trains on a given route; prices are drawn from each country’s own railway website and converted assuming an exchange rate of €1 = $1.25.” This quote is important because in able to travel around you need to know the ticket price. Many people don’t know the ticket price of transportation around the world so when they visit it makes it harder for them to travel without knowing the price.

European is different than the united states. One reason is that people used trains in Europe more than the united states because in Europe the railroad was there for a long time and people don’t have parking lots for there cars so they have to walk for miles.

source : Ricksteves


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